​Let’s design
for human

Learning is a human

We believe courses will be designed in future with online tools that feel as natural as physically being with an expert and fellow students or colleagues.

Online learning has a significantly bigger reach, however the real opportunity is to provide people with the most effective learning experience.
Invisible technologies that feel more natural, more human. For the best courses, how we learn will be as important as who teaches the course, and what content is shared.

Our Mission.

Use our insights into how people learn,along with advanced technology, to create a more natural online learning experience.
We want to develop the tools and platforms for people to work / study in groups and feel if they are together, free to discuss and debate without compromise, wherever they are in the world.

Itorium is founded by ​NEP technologies​ and Roel Bellinga, Johnny Quide and Clemens la Lau
(University of the Netherlands / Flanders / PnP Media)